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Healthy Dog Ownershipセミナー in 熊本

日 時:
受付10:30 開始11:00 終了16:00予定(延長する場合があります)

会 場:


費 用:

●昼食代 2,000円(ドリンク付)/名(菅乃屋のお弁当)
​●ドッグラン利用料 500円/頭

定 員:




Season12, Special

Why there are so many problem dogs in Japan

What to know if you have trouble with barking, chewing, or separation anxiety


Online seminar


11: 00-16: 00

Image by Charles Deluvio

Chapter1, What is the cause of giving birth to problem dogs?
· Case studies of problem behaviors (actual examples, etc.)
· How to live with dogs in advanced pet countries
· Japanese people tend to recognize dogs

Chapter2, Save your dog from problem behavior
· Correlation between owner behavior and problem behavior
· Case studies of problem behaviors (treatment examples, etc.)
· Face dogs without relying on technique


Chapter3, What we can do to become a pet-developed country
· Make a new one instead of catching up
· Discussion & Q & A




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