Successful re-socialization of dogs! ~ The reason and countermeasures for chewing, barking, and being afraid ~

Seminar & Workshop

2019/09/28 Open10: 45 Start11: 00-Close16: 00

Planning and sponsored by: HDO Gifu seminars and crew

Venue: Encounter Forest

Participation fee: ¥ 15,000 / person (up to 2 dogs), ¥ 1000 increase from the 3rd dog

Capacity: 20 people

Others: Lunch fee / ¥ 1,500 / person (1 drink included)

Only people can participate


Successful socialization!

~ The reason and countermeasures for chewing, barking, and being afraid ~



Forest of encounter

11AM -16PM

with workshop


Chapter, 1 Socialization Mechanism

Why socialization is needed

Socialization period and fear period

Reasons for lack of socialization

Chapter, 2 Socialization process

Learning mechanism

Dogs are learning like this

Chapter, 3 Socialization of puppies

The importance of choosing a puppy

Puppy Socialization Practice Manual

Chapter, 4 Socialization from adult dogs

Resocialize with psychotherapy

Adult dog socialization practice manual

Chapter, 5 How to succeed in re-socialization

Building a cooperative relationship is the key


* Some of the contents are subject to change without notice.

Please note.

◯ What to prepare
・ If other dogs bark, please bring a carry bag.
・ A man who can be torn into small pieces (meat-based if you are not allergic)
・ If there is a risk of excretion indoors, a manner belt
・ Collar or harness and reed
・ Writing utensils
[About parking lot]
Parking is available at the property.
Please note the following points for safe operation.
・ If you come by car, you can use the store parking lot. When the car is full, please park at a nearby toll parking lot.
・ The number of people cannot be changed after making a reservation.
・ Children under elementary school age cannot participate.
・ Please contact us in advance if you want to participate with 3 or more animals.
・ For highly aggressive individuals, please contact us in advance.
・ Individuals who have not been vaccinated cannot participate.
However, if you are exempt from the antibody titer test, please show a document that can be proved.
・ When barking at other dogs, be sure to bring a carry bag.
・ Females cannot be accompanied by individuals for one month from the start of the heat.
◯ Cancellation policy
Possible up to 2 weeks before the date
Cancellation fee is the full cost for cancellation after 2 weeks
◯ To owners of medium and large dogs
・ Please bring a crate, carry bag, muscovy duck, etc. for scared individuals.
・ Please be sure to wear a reed in the hall unless instructed to do so.
◯ To owners of small dogs
・ Be sure to bring a carry bag when barking, intimidating, or chewing on other individuals.
・ Please be sure to wear a reed in the hall
・ Do not wear a harness or collar that is easy to pull out, and be sure to wear something that will not come off.
・ Please do not bring in toys that make noise.
◯ About management of your dog
It is the owner's responsibility to manage the safety of his dog.
The operator will endeavor to manage safety, but will not be responsible for any accidents.
◯ Payment method
Please pay at the venue on the day.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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・ Notice of advance notice
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We will give priority guidance before the open call for participants.