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How to build a cooperative relationship.

Become a trusted owner!

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2023,3,18 栃木

​Natural works village



Image by Adam Griffith
Healthy Dog Ownershipセミナー in 栃木

日 時:
受付10:30 開始11:00 終了16:00予定(延長する場合があります)

会 場:
Natural works village


費 用:

●昼食代 1,000円/名
​●会場費 1,000円/名

定 員:






Chapter, 1 How to treat your favorite dog

Are you hated without knowing it?

This way of dealing is NG

How to get in touch with your heart

Chapter, 2 Knowing what dogs like

What the dog wants

Know what dogs hate

Likes and dislikes that change depending on the situation

Base Training

Chapter, 3 Become a dog hero!

Fulfill your dog's wishes

How to deal with begging

Read the dog's feelings and save from anxiety

Chapter, 4 Q & A



Please note the following points for safe operation.
・ If you come by car, please use the nearby pay parking lot.
・ The number of people cannot be changed after making a reservation.
・ Children under elementary school age cannot participate.
・ Please contact us in advance if you want to participate with 3 or more animals.
・ For highly aggressive individuals, please contact us in advance.
・ Individuals who have not been vaccinated cannot participate.
However, if you are exempt from the antibody titer test, please show a document that can be proved.
・ If you want to bark at other dogs, please bring a carry bag.
・ Females cannot be accompanied by individuals for one month from the start of the heat.
◯ Cancellation policy
Possible up to 2 weeks before the date
Cancellation fee is the full cost for cancellation after 2 weeks
◯ To owners of medium and large dogs
・ Please bring a crate, carry bag, muscovy duck, etc. for scared individuals.
・ Please be sure to wear a reed in the hall unless instructed to do so.
◯ To owners of small dogs
・ Be sure to bring a carry bag when barking, intimidating, or chewing on other individuals.
・ Please be sure to wear a reed in the hall
・ Do not wear a harness or collar that is easy to pull out, and be sure to wear something that will not come off.
・ Please do not bring in toys that make noise.
◯ About management of your dog
It is the owner's responsibility to manage the safety of his dog.
The operator will endeavor to manage safety, but will not be responsible for any accidents.
◯ Payment method
Please pay at the venue on the day.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.



18 Mar, 11:00
Natural works village
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