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Our service


Problem behavior counseling
Behavior change consulting

We will help you fix the problem behavior of your dog. We provide support to correct various problematic behaviors such as aggression, separation anxiety, and mental disorders in the desired direction.

Discipline consultation
Prevent problem behavior and improve QOL

Prevent dog behavior problems and help dogs feel happy.

By improving how to treat dogs, how to create an environment, food, and mental well-being, you can improve your physical and mental health.

We support from Puppy to seniors.

Dog Psychology Seminar
Learn along with the pet dog

Seminars for improving the QOL of dogs and their owners from the topics of ethology and psychology. You can bring your dog with you, and we also offer consultations on your concerns and simple training workshops. Many people who want to learn cynology and professional trainers also participate.


Creating a healing and healing relationship.

Understand the needs of dogs and radiate their physiological needs.

If a dog can live like a dog, the behavior of his dog will change in a misleading way. Excessive dog discipline can be counterproductive. We do not "train dogs", but give them the environment they need and strengthen the relationship of trust between their dogs and their owners.

Using scientific methods, we will create a relationship of healing and healing from each other from a one-sided relationship of being healed by a dog in a humane way.

Are you worried about dogs?
Please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us for any matter. Discipline puppies, discipline adult dogs, fix problem behaviors, don't know how to keep a dog .... We are dog specialists. If other trainers say you can't, don't give up. Let's face your dog with us. There must be a solution.

Change dog training from a scientific point of view.

As a dog expert, we are proposing to owners a method for their dogs to have a strong bond with their owners and to have a fulfilling dog life.

Dogs and humans are different species of animals. Dog behavior problems are caused by a misunderstanding between the two. Science and love are needed to fill this gap. Ethology has a lot of knowledge about animals called dogs. This will improve the animal welfare of dogs and increase their well-being. Behavioral therapy techniques in applied behavioral analytics, which are considered to be highly effective in human clinical practice, are used to manage behavioral problems. This behavior modification technique can change behavior without compromising the dog's emotions.

A cooperative relationship between the dog and its owner is essential for this to be successful. I am convinced that not only scientific knowledge and techniques, but above all, the human desire to love dogs enhances the effect.

 If you are refused by another dog trainer, please do not give up and consult us. You will surely find a solution.


The name "Healthy Dog Ownership" has the motto "Become a healthy owner so that dogs can live like dogs."


Dog Behaviourist Masaori Tanaka MISAP (Beh)