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The history and evolution of the dog.
-History and evolution of dogs-
Dog history
The full picture of the evolutionary process has not yet been clarified, but the hypothesis that one curious wolf approached a person and lived with him about 15,000 to 400,000 years ago is academic. It is a general view. It is said that 15,000 years ago, at least, is older than the history of livestock such as sheep, goats, cows, pigs, and birds, and that humans are the first animals to live with different kinds of animals.
At that time, there were still more wolves inhabiting than humans, and although there were few humans, it seems that they were hunting with some tools. In addition, it is said that humans who did not know farming lived while moving from place to place at this time. Naturally, humans lived hiding because they were preyed on by other predators, felines and canines. The success rate of hunting is low, and the number of humans is difficult to increase due to the scarcity of food.
Hypothesis is that a curious and low-minded wolf approached a camp where humans live and began eating leftover food from humans. It is said that eating leftover food eliminated the need for wolves to hunt and settled in human settlements as they were. I'm sure humans have noticed the wolf's sensor as an excellent animal. With its excellent sense of smell and alertness, when other animals approach it, it will detect and notify you much faster than humans. Furthermore, he demonstrated his hunting ability as a predator and cooperated in the hunting of humans. For wolves, the risk of preying on food is reduced and they can live safely. In addition, the success rate of hunting for humans will increase, and the population will also increase. The interests of each other were in agreement. After that, humans discovered agricultural techniques and settled in one place, and it is said that the advanced civilization that continues to the present age has been developed.
If it weren't for this one wolf, human evolution today might have been different. It can be said that we humans and wolves lived together and evolved together to become humans and dogs.
Evolution of dogs
The wolf was tamed and became a dog by human selection. Wolves who have lived with humans and hunted less often have shorter muzzles in their mouths and become more human-friendly. Then, dogs that protect livestock, such as dogs that hunt according to the lifestyles of humans living in various lands and grazing dogs, and many breeds of dogs will be created. Even today, it is active in various fields such as military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and guide dogs.
Dogs are better at accustoming to humans than wolves. It is thought that this evolutionary process has a great influence on this, and it is said that the existence of humans holds an important key in the process of evolution from a wolf to a dog.
Because humans in dogs have been closely connected since ancient times, dogs need humans. Although it is a dog that has undergone great evolution, its ecology retains the wolf's habits. If you don't understand dogs as animals, you will end up with unfortunate dogs that will be bitten or lonely without getting used to the herd.
Live in a flock
The ancestors of dogs, wolves, wild dogs, and today's dogs are smaller than other predators, so by acting in groups, you can protect yourself from foreign enemies and by hunting in groups. Eating herbivores such as large deer. It is not only hunting that acts as a group, but also parenting, playing, vigilance, attacking and living together. If the teamwork of the flock is not solid, the success rate of hunting will decrease, you will not be able to protect yourself from danger, etc., the flock will become weak and you will be in danger of annihilation. Therefore, the leader of the flock respects discipline, guides the flock and devotes his life to the prosperity of the flock. To be a leader, you need to overcome the long and difficult challenges and have more experience than the members of the herd. Flock members form a strong flock by respecting and trusting their leaders. Thus the herd has the ability to cooperate for the survival of the species. Herd members for modern dogs include their owners and their families.
How is it? If you understand the basic dog habits of building a relationship of trust with your dog, you will not be forced to do what your dog cannot do. In addition, being trusted by dogs allows them to lead a happy life with peace of mind. Dogs have similar habits to humans, but they are different animals. Why don't you deepen your understanding of the dog's feelings by understanding this? It will surely help you to make many discoveries and deepen your bond with your dog.

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