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About COVID-19 infection prevention measures

(Updated: April 8, 2020 )

Period of measures
From April 8, 2020 to the conclusion of the situation
About the implementation of consultation
・ Implementation
If the counselor or client is not feeling sick or infected, we will do it. The location of the implementation is at the client's home or in our counseling room. For business trip consultations, if you are worried about a counselor invading your home, we will only do it outdoors. Please send your request to the counselor in charge.
In either case, diligently disinfect your hands, wear a mask, and ventilate indoors at all times.
・ Cancellation
If the counselor or client is not feeling well or has an underlying illness, we will stop. If you are a client and feel unwell, please feel free to contact the counselor in charge.
Cancellation fee / for the reservation of transfers
As a general rule, there is no cancellation fee for cancellations due to poor physical condition of the client or COVID-19 positive.
If any of the above cancellations occur during the period, we will give priority to the transfer date. Reservation status is constantly changing and we do not guarantee transfers. Please note.
Seminar implementation (updated August 24, 2020)

Based on the current situation, in principle, the venues (Okayama, Hiroshima, Okinawa, Kagoshima, Tokushima, Yamaguchi) where we will travel by plane will be held by online seminars. At other venues, we will implement it in accordance with the infection prevention measures specified below. If the venue is held, an online seminar will be held at the same time in a place where the Wi-fi environment of the venue is good. However, even if the venue is held, it may be changed to an online seminar due to changes in the situation.

If you are attending an online seminar, please check the following notes.

Target: Seminars held after September 1, 2020 (including seminars already being recruited)

・ Advantages of online seminars

There are many benefits to participating online. Feel free to choose according to your purpose.

・ To prevent infection

・ Being able to participate even if the event is held far away

・ Being able to concentrate on taking classes

・ Being able to take classes at home

・ The dog can relax

Currently, we are making various efforts to make online seminars more enjoyable. If you have any requests, please contact the person in charge of the seminar.

-The line may be interrupted due to network problems (Wi-fi environment is recommended).
・ The workshop held at the same time as the venue will be distributed only when the network environment is good.
・ If you want to take the course online, you need to make a bank transfer in advance.

・ There is no change in the seminar participation fee (no charges other than the participation fee).

・ If it becomes difficult to hold the seminar at the venue, we may change to an online seminar in a hurry.

[Guidelines for implementing infection prevention measures at the venue]

1, Participants should bring a mask and wear it at all times

2, Please keep the distance between the accompanying dogs
3, We will refuse the visit of those who are in poor physical condition
4, Please refrain from participating if you have an underlying illness
5, Ventilate regularly or regularly during the seminar. The air conditioner may not work well
Please disinfect your hands every time you enter or leave (disinfectant solution is available)

7, Please wash your hands every time you enter or leave during breaks.

We apologize for the inconvenience that we cannot hold the event as usual. We would appreciate your understanding in order to prevent infection.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the seminar receptionist or the organizer of each venue.
I would like to humbly thank you.

About the announcement by the Hong Kong government that the Japan Veterinary Medical Association "a low level of new coronavirus infection was seen in pet dogs" (updated March 9)
Tokyo Medical Association New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Information

Japan Clinical Veterinary Forum (JBVP)
Additional information on detection of new coronavirus in dogs in Hong Kong (updated 03/05/2020)

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)
Information received from the Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong SAR Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Conservation, Chief Veterinary Officer / Assistant Director (Inspection and Quarantine) Dr. Thomas Sit

Healthy Dog Ownership
Dog Behaviorist, Masaori Tanaka MISA P (Beh)
Masaori Tanaka

Image by Amber Mayo
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