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Diet and health management of the dog.
-Dog diet and health care-
Diet is important for dogs, just as people can damage their bodies and minds if they eat only junk food. I think that many people are giving or should give the biting hood that appears in TV commercials. However, cancer outbreaks and deaths from eating cheap foods have been discovered since around 2007 and have become a problem.
The cheap foods are dog foods and guys that are generally on the market. Japan has a pet food safety law, but this law is still low and cannot be used to raise healthy dogs. Since the labeling of ingredients is also vaguely expressed as "in principle, all labeling", the reality is that all materials are often not listed. In addition, because the law allows the use of harmful additives that are prohibited for human use, it is listed as containing a certain amount of carcinogens. * Colorants / antioxidants BHA, BHT, etc.
What do dogs eat in the first place? Wild dogs eat herbivores.
Like wolves and other carnivores, if you hunt successfully, you will eat fresh small animals and sometimes deer and horses. Dogs are carnivores. (Unlike other carnivorous species, it is a highly omnivorous carnivorous species)
Check here for a cheap, commercially available dog food ingredient list.
The first one listed seems to be grain. And then meat. Others are written with names that are somewhat unclear. By default, dogs need 55% of their food. Despite the fact that (70% of cats), grains are the most abundant. Of course, grains also have protein, but as mentioned earlier, dogs are carnivores. One theory points out that careless feeding of grains causes allergic symptoms, which cannot be ignored. In a dog's diet, 55% meat and other necessary nutrients can be obtained from vegetables and grains.
When a dog catches its prey, it eats it from its internal organs. It is said that this is because herbivores can eat and take digested plants. Raw plants are not good at decomposing, and even if they are eaten, they vomit and cannot absorb nutrients well. It is also a problem that it contains things that dogs do not originally need, such as antioxidants and coloring agents, while leaving the ingredients.
When you look at the dog food, it is the color of the meat
Why do you need meat color? Dogs can't distinguish as many colors as humans, so you probably won't recognize them as meat when you look at dog food. It can be thought of as being colored for us as consumers. Many of these colorants are regulated for use by humans, and many contain carcinogens.
Non-transparent raw materials
And the problem of the manufacturing process has been pointed out by the government agencies of each country. Raw meat is mainly made and exported in China. Despite the death of pets in this Chinese man and food, the country of origin has not changed. The raw materials are not made by dog food makers, but by raw material makers (such as meat-and-bone meal processors). It is said that it is mainly made from the carcasses of livestock animals that have been disposed of due to illness, and industrial waste such as dogs, cats, and mice that have been drugged in animal experiments. Many of these are residual drugs and there is no obligation for proper testing. Also, these foods do not have an indication of the origin of the ingredients.
Pit of additive-free display
Even if the dog food is described as "additive-free", it means that it is additive-free when processing the raw materials purchased by the manufacturer, and even if the raw materials contain innumerable additives, it is described as "additive-free". You can do it. Therefore dangerous additives can be added to the raw materials. We cannot know its contents. It can be said that the poor response of these manufacturers and the low administrative standards are causing the death and illness of pets.
Fats and antioxidants that increase storage efficiency
Such dry foods are coated with animal fats and oils. Combined with the antioxidant contained in the raw materials, it prevents oxidation with fats and oils, prevents toxins generated by oxidation and deterioration of flavor, and enables long-term storage. The expiry date of dog food is 1 to 2 years, which is the same as emergency food. No matter how dry the food is, this long deadline cannot be achieved unless it is stored in a vacuum. Not only antioxidants but also oil and fat coatings are required to protect from atmospheric moisture. This fat is also said to be made from the carcasses of the animals mentioned above.
Is it good for dogs to use BHA / BHT, which is a carcinogen, and fats and oils taken from carcasses of animals whose distribution cannot be tracked? This is for the convenience of the owner. For dogs, there is a lot of harm and no benefit.
It is unusually greasy when actually eaten. * Please do not imitate. Contains harmful substances.
When you eat a grain of the food mentioned above, which is sold at home improvement stores and pet shops, it is so greasy that you cannot think of it as a dry food. It's too oily to eat a bowl of this. The natural foods shown below do not show any signs of fat.
Excessive cost management
In the manufacturing method described so far, it is possible to reduce the cost and the selling price by using raw materials using waste meat and antioxidants and coloring agents that cannot be used for humans. Even if it is a little high-class food, the cost price is almost the same, so the profit of the manufacturer increases. In particular, foods that do not list the origin of raw materials can be judged to be dangerous.
But not all hoods are bad.
Some foods called natural foods (premium foods) do not contain antioxidants such as preservatives or coloring agents. The ingredient display of such food is very easy to understand.
The image is a composition table of Fish4 Dogs salmon that any dog lover or good breeder knows. I also use it as a topping for homemade rice at home. The packaging states that Norwegian ingredients are used. It should be easier to understand if you compare the other ingredients. Of course, it does not contain any antioxidants BHA, BHT, fats and oils, or coloring agents. These safe foods have drawbacks such as being difficult to obtain, expensive, and short shelf life, but why not consider these prices as a standard for dog food?
The most ideal meal is homemade rice. Click here for the recipe article
It's easy to think of nutritional balance and cooking methods as difficult, but there are many books available, so it's a good idea to refer to them. You can make enough of your family's ingredients. Dogs cannot choose what they eat. Isn't it natural for us, the owners and consumers, to give us the right diet?
Also, as I wrote on my blog, by quitting commercial foods around me and switching to handmade or natural foods, allergic symptoms disappeared, tears disappeared, chronic cystitis healed, and hair gloss. There are many examples such as getting better and getting better.
Even if you just stop the hood, the effect is appearing.
Dogs should also be required to have human safety standards, but human food is managed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, while pet food is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as livestock fertilizer, so it is human. The standard is unlikely to be expected.
It is true for all animals that a proper diet creates a healthy dog's body and mind.
Isn't the first step to good health from diet?

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