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Human life with the Dog.
-Life with a dog-
Life with a dog is wonderful. Dogs give us maximum love. If you are reading this article now, you are expecting a wonderful and loving life. However, depending on the behavior of our owners, dogs can become ferocious like monsters. Whether or not your beloved family dog ​​becomes a monster depends on you, the owner. Many small dogs have problems because they are overprotective because they are small.
If you know and make an effort about your dog, which always gives you the maximum affection, you can deepen your bond with the dog. Life with your dog will be better than you think.
There are also some restrictions on living with your dog.
・ Take a walk every day
The walk is basically every day. I wrote in detail on the blog about the necessity of taking a walk, so please have a look.
・ Expenses
In addition to food, there are expenses such as hospital fees. Make a careful financial decision to welcome your dog.
・ I can't be away for a long time
If you are away for a whole day, your dog will be anxious. Accompany as much as possible or avoid long-term outings.
・ Be sure to take care of yourself for the rest of your life
Once you have a dog, keep it correct and keep it for the rest of your life. The dog has only you, the owner.
It's important to get knowledge about dogs
Knowledge is ethology, training theory, evolution, cognitive behavior, ethology, veterinary medicine ... there are many things, and it is difficult to decide which one to learn from. Observe your dog's behavior closely and treat it with sincerity and sincerity, without thinking too hard. If you do so, you will be wondering about the behavior of the dog. You will be interested in their language, which has a number of clear messages.
That is your chance to learn. We encourage you to read books such as "Ethology of Dogs" and "Body Language". I'm sure it's a scale from the eyes, but it's a lot of fun, so please try to learn it.
Also, observing dogs in programs broadcast on Japanese TV is not very reliable. (Unfortunately ...) It may be unique to TV, but it seems that the facts are distorted due to the circumstances of adults. If you want to learn, I think it's best to be taught by an expert or a book.
Although dogs have similar personalities and gestures to us, they have the ability to communicate instantly and in a way that is unique to them. Unlike humans, we do not use language and talk with scents and gestures.
Often the intelligence of dogs is better than that of humans. .. .. Some scholars express it, but no clear conclusions have been reached regarding the cognitive ability and intelligence of dogs. If you understand the language of dogs, you can intuitively understand how dogs are capable animals.
Respecting your dog as an animal will make your life and your dog's life indescribable.

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