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Guidelines for keeping a healthy dog.
-Guidelines for keeping a dog-
If you have a dog, you should hope that each other can live happily and calmly every day.
Here, we will introduce our basic philosophy for keeping dogs.
Dogs are not humans
Anthropomorphizing a dog makes the wrong decision. Naturally, dogs are different from humans. There are clear reasons for small gestures and actions. And dogs have a dog psychology. Knowing them will give you an idea of the differences and similarities between dogs and humans. Deepening your knowledge of dogs will make your life with your dog even more enjoyable and affectionate.
Need for training
Regardless of breed, dogs need proper training. Whether purebred or hybrid, there are things that dogs need to know to survive in human society. It is the owner's responsibility to teach it. Proper training is essential to building a relationship of trust with your dog. By deepening the bond with your dog through various activities, the bond between you and your dog will be deepened.
There is a reason for action
Observe the behavior of the dog. This is one of the basics for facing a dog. Understand your dog's body language and get a feel for it. There is always a reason for that behavior, why it barks, why it growls and bites. Understanding the reason will greatly contribute to the improvement of behavioral problems.
What is leadership-cooperate without coercion-
Dogs inherit the habit of living in groups from their ancestors. A herd without a leader cannot demonstrate teamwork and becomes a weak herd, resulting in weak hearts and mental instability of individual dogs. Dogs show different herd habits than wolves, but thinking about basic herd structure and leadership is a must for keeping a dog.
What meals do they need?
Pet food is not the only food dogs need. Unfortunately, there are many harmful foods for pets such as dog food that are widely known. What is the meal you really need? It can be easily known by understanding the dog's habits. Learn the eating habits you need as a family.
What is pet food?
The safest food is handmade rice. Of course, there is also safe dog food. By feeding commercially available foods such as Fish4 Dogs or raw horse meat, improvement of skin diseases and allergic constitution may be diagnosed. It is the same for both humans and dogs that the owner, who is also a consumer, can be healthy both physically and mentally by learning and giving correctly.
Handmade food
The articles on this site contain recipes for handmade foods. The point is nutritional balance. It's not difficult as long as you hold down this point. It can be made from the ingredients used for home family meals. I hope it will be helpful.
Get regular checkups
A health check is very important. Because a dog's life is short, the disease may progress unknowingly. Check your dog's health with regular checkups. A second opinion is also valid for veterinary clinics. Stay healthy with your veterinarian.
Take a walk every day
No dog doesn't need a walk. Do it every day regardless of breed. You can exercise properly by adjusting the amount of walking in consideration of your dog's health. Insufficient exercise can lead to stress buildup, behavioral problems, and mental illness.
Don't buy dogs at pet stores
The selling method itself at Japanese pet stores is animal cruelty in Europe and elsewhere. If you grow up in such an environment, you will be in a state of extreme stress. There is a vicious cycle in which the dogs that are bought behave in a problematic manner, and due to lack of knowledge of the owners, they cannot be bred and are slaughtered at the health center. If you want to get a dog, get it from a good breeder or from a shelter.
Keep for life
If you have a dog, you have to take responsibility for its life. You will be obliged to face the dog with all your might, try to understand it, and watch over the end. Lifelong breeding is also stipulated by the Act on Welfare and Protection of Animals. In the unlikely event that the owner becomes ill and unable to keep it, consult with a conservation organization and take responsibility until a new foster parent is decided.
Life changes
Keeping a dog can make a big difference in your life. You cannot take a walk every day, spend money on food, or be away for a long time. If your dog is healthy, go on a trip with him as much as possible. If that is not possible, ask a pet sitter for a walk or feeding. But the absence of you makes the dog uneasy. In this way, the living environment of human beings changes drastically, so the owner needs to be determined.

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