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Scientific topics

Psychology and ethology, as well as practical content based on physiology, medicine, and cognitive science.

Training workshop

In joint training and workshops, we will focus on how to communicate and provide training to improve the ability of dogs.

Online seminar

You can also participate online. You can participate in your desired theme.

It may not be possible at some venues.

Apply as soon as possible

If you would like to receive advance guidance, please register in advance using the advance guidance form. We will inform you in advance before the general recruitment. Please check each page for information on each venue.


BASIC: Basic

Season1, Prologue: What is a healthy owner?

What you need to know to be a healthy owner

Season2, Dog-rearing Kihon

Understand dog discipline correctly

Season3, the secret of body language

Learn dog communication

Chapter1, Read and use signals

Chapter2, How to interact with dogs

Chapter3, Let's have a conversation to deepen the bond with the dog

Season4, Dog Ethology-From the Viewpoint of Animal Welfare-

Understand the behavior of dogs and satisfy their desires

Season5, become a trusted owner!

Strengthen relationships of trust and build bonds

Season6, The Stress

Know how stress works and become more stress-resistant

Season7, How to Raise a Happy Lucky Dog

How to Understand and Raise Dogs

SPECIAL: Special

Season8, successful socialization!

Overcome barking, biting and fear

Chapter1, Socialization and Problem Behavior (Ethology)

Chapter2, Learning Secrets and Mind Movements (Psychology: Behavioral Analytics)

Chapter3, Improving problem behavior (applied behavior analysis: behavior change technique)

Season9, Tips for successful multi-headed breeding

Know the dog's habits and succeed in multi-headed breeding

Season10, Living with a protected dog

Make life with a protected dog happy

Season11, Face and Overcome Fear

Understand psychology and succeed in behavior therapy

Season12, why there are so many problem dogs in Japan

What to know if you have trouble with barking, chewing, or separation anxiety

Season13, Thinking about dog QOL

What you can do to improve your dog's well-being

Season14, Dog Emergency Response Manual

Preparing for emergencies

Season15, Owner's Psychology

It controls its own to know the human psychological characteristics

ADVANCED: Advanced

Participants: Those who have taken all BASIC seminars


Learn how to communicate effectively with your dog

Season14, Behavior course for dogs

Basic communication techniques Other seasons are currently in production







CBTD Canine Behaviorism Training for Dog Trainers.


●ケイナイン ビヘイビアリズム研修会









About application / advance guidance

・ Application for participation

When applying for participation at each venue, please fill out the application form during the recruitment period for each venue.

・ Advance guidance

Customers who wish to receive advance guidance need to register in advance using the advance guidance form.

Advance guidance will give priority to seminar information before general recruitment at each venue.

Please contact us for details.

・ Contents and price

It consists of classroom lectures, practical training and workshops on the topic of the day.


Participation fee: ¥ 15,000 / person

Others: Dog run fee, lunch fee, etc. (Please check the contents of each page for details)

If you would like to hold a new event, please contact the person in charge.

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