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Counselor introduction

Massaori Tanaka MISAP (Beh): Masaori Tanaka
Dog Behaviorist, Dog Trainer

Dog behaviorist, dog trainer, ethologist

He studied dog training under a first-class police dog trainer, and then obtained a qualification as a dog trainer. After acquiring the dog trainer qualification, volunteer to participate in the exclusive dog trainer of the animal protection organization. While dealing with protected dogs and dogs with problem behavior, I am interested in the effect of combining ethology / psychology and dog training and aim to become a dog behavior list. Complete the curriculum of the international dog behaviorist training institution Compass and be certified as a dog behaviorist (DBCA). After obtaining the dog behavior list qualification, became a full member of the International Animal Professional Association (MISAP). He studied under the Danish animal behaviorist Vibeke S. Riise and is further studying and training as a behavioral scholar.

In addition to general discipline consultation, behavior therapy is provided to improve dogs with problem behavior. Protect dogs in health centers, provide behavior modification training, and engage in activities to connect with foster parents.

The idea of ​​training is to give top priority to improving animal welfare, and to respond to each dog based on theories such as ethology and dog psychology. It can promote smooth learning naturally and naturally for dogs.

The discipline consultation supports the owner so that he can discipline. The style is to advise the owner on how to live with the dog, how to treat the dog, how to behave to the dog, and how to control the dog. I will not take care of my dog ​​unless the behavioral problems are severely worsened. Together with the owner, he practices training that captures the feelings of the dog.

The focus is on improving the well-being of the dog, keeping the dog's mind calm and avoiding behavioral problems. If there is a severe problem behavior, we will work with a veterinarian to change the behavior based on the psychology of dogs and ethology.

He also participates in research on ethology at universities.

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* MISAP is the title of ISAP regular member.
* (Beh) is a title that represents the professional domain of ISAP members (behavior list).

DBCA Certified Dog Behavior List
JCSA Certified Dog Trainer
Member of the Japanese Society of Animal Behavior, Chairman of the Japan Dog Behaviorist Association
ISAP regular member (MISAP)
DBCA Behavior Counselor Kanto Mentor

International Society of

Animal Professionals

Full Member (MISAP)


Kazuyo Tanaka, Pet Therapist, Pet Nurse

Pet therapist, pet nurse, senior dog helper,

Pet food teacher 1st grade

Make handmade dog food for dogs to be physically and mentally healthy, create a relaxing environment according to the individual's health condition, massage and aromatherapy, and care for the dog's mind.

All the ingredients for handmade dog food are made from scratch using ingredients for humans. By making collagen from which oil has been thoroughly removed and pith into a paste and adding them to homemade dog food, we are developing a diet that suits the individual's health condition.

The dog's man is also completely handmade and supports the physical health of the dog. It also supports a diet for behavioral problems performed by behaviorists.

What you are good at is that any dog ​​will immediately like you.

ANPA certified pet food teacher
JADP Certified Pet Therapist
JADP certified pet nurse
JCSA Certified Senior Dog Helper

Education / qualification

Diploma (Certificate of Completion)

・ International Society of Animal Professionals

Canine Behavior and Psychology -Diploma-

(International Animal Professional Association: Dog Behavior and Psychology Completion Certificate)

・ Compass Education and Training, UK

Higher Canine Behavior and Psychology -Diploma-

(UK International Education Institution Compass: Advanced Dog Behavior and Psychology Certificate)

・ Dog Behavior Counseling Association

Higher Canine Behavior and Psychology -Diploma-

(Dog Behavioral Psychology Counseling Association: Advanced Dog Behavior and Psychology Completion Certificate)

・ RPTM, Vibeke, S, Reese Preventive Training Method S-1-Diploma-

(Vibeke S. Riise Training Method RPTM S-1 Certificate of Completion)

License (qualification)

・ Dog Behavior List (certified by the Dog Behavior Psychology Counseling Association)

・ Dog trainer (certified by Japan Career Education Skills Examination Association)

・ Pet dog breeding manager (certified by Japan Kennel Club)

・ Pet food educator 1st grade (Pet food educator association)

・ Pet therapist (certified by Japan Ability Development Promotion Association)

・ Pet nurse (certified by Japan Ability Development Promotion Association)

・ Senior dog helper (certified by Japan Career Education Skills Examination Association)


・ ISAP International Society of Animal Professionals (MISAP)
(Regular member of International Animal Professional Association)

・ Member of Japan Society for Animal Behavior Membership number 4228

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