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No need to use tools to hurt your dog
About the tools used by dog ​​behaviorists for training
-Be careful with similar experts-
The dog behavior list does not use tools such as choke chains, prong collars (pinch collars), and E-colors (electric shock collars).
No matter how aggressive it is, it will modify its behavior without using the above tools. Rewards and flat collars (ordinary collars) and harnesses are recommended as training tools.
For the techniques of behavioral therapy here please visit.
Originally, a behaviorist is someone who specializes in behaviorist psychology (current behavioral analytics). Psychology does not allow pain, anxiety, or coercion to correct behavioral problems. This way of thinking is a fact that has been agreed through experiments not only in psychology but also in behavioral science in general and brain science. Recently, however, it has been reported that a person who claims to be a dog behaviorist is using these tools.
Behaviorists are psychology experts and do not perform these tools or training with coercion. Nor do we use methodologies such as slamming, hitting, kicking, or forcing a dog to walk in large numbers.
Please use caution in similar person.
When choosing a dog behavior list, we recommend that you have a certification, or be a veterinarian in behavioral practice, a bachelor's degree in ethology or ethology (or these researchers).
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