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2021,3,21 Aichi

Sakura Animal Hospital



3, Let's have a conversation that deepens the bond with the dog ・ Gives a sense of security through communication Conversation during maintenance I hate this kind of gesture That is the correct answer! How to tell the dog that is wrong! How to tell the dog
・ Body language and learning Gestures to be careful when teaching something Does a dog's behavior change depending on the behavior of a person? !!
The timing of linking the emotions of the owner and the dog is everything!
How to play with a dog and precautions Let's have a conversation on a walk
・ Workshop Teach dogs the rules while actually having a conversation

Q & A

4, How to play with a dog that strengthens the bond

・ What is the meaning of play?

・ Science of play

How to play that fails

How to play and personality

Play with body language

・ Manage behavior while playing

・ Play is communication!

* Contents are subject to change without notice.

Image by David Tostado
Healthy Dog Ownershipセミナー in 茨城

日 時:
受付10:30 開始11:00 終了16:00予定

会 場:
茨城県筑西市小栗5893 0296-56-9272

費 用:

●昼食代 1,500円(1Drink付)
​●ドッグラン利用料 500円/頭

定 員:



























Please note the following points for safe operation.
・ If you come by car, you can use the store parking lot. When the car is full, please park at a nearby toll parking lot.
・ The number of people cannot be changed after making a reservation.
・ Children under elementary school age cannot participate.
・ Please contact us in advance if you want to participate with 3 or more animals.
・ For highly aggressive individuals, please contact us in advance.
・ Individuals who have not been vaccinated cannot participate.
However, if you are exempt from the antibody titer test, please show a document that can be proved.
・ When barking at other dogs, be sure to bring a carry bag.
・ Females cannot be accompanied by individuals for one month from the start of the heat.
◯ Cancellation policy
Possible from the date of the event to 15 days before
Cancellation fee will be charged 14 days before the event (full participation fee)
◯ To owners of medium and large dogs
・ Please bring a crate, carry bag, muscovy duck, etc. for scared individuals.
・ Please be sure to wear a reed in the hall unless instructed to do so.
◯ To owners of small dogs
・ Be sure to bring a carry bag when barking, intimidating, or chewing on other individuals.
・ Please be sure to wear a reed in the hall
・ Do not wear a harness or collar that is easy to pull out, and be sure to wear something that will not come off.
・ Please do not bring in toys that make noise.
◯ About management of your dog
It is the owner's responsibility to manage the safety of his dog.
The operator will endeavor to manage safety, but will not be responsible for any accidents.
◯ Payment method
Please pay at the venue on the day.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Application form

please note!
Please use the e-mail address that you can be sure to receive.
We will reply to your message within 2-3 days.
If you do not receive a reply after 4 days or more, the address you entered may be incorrect or your e-mail software may have set it as junk e-mail. In that case, please check the settings and contact us again.

* Please be sure to check the notes on this page before applying.
・ Notice of advance notice
If you would like advance guidance, please contact us from the application form.
We will give priority guidance before the open call for participants.
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